Thursday, December 10, 2009

Will it work or not work?

We are currently doing a campaign for one of the famous brands. There are campaigns not only demonstrating the solution challenges we face in certain scenarios but also highlighting the fact that if the campaign is well thought, better results are bound to come for a brand.

When we decided to do this campaign, all we knew was that it was a cantor activity wherein cantor will move around the Mumbai city distributing content, mobile forms and mobile coupons from the brand.

But we started seeing great challenges as in case of any events on its first day when the actual deployment began. We met with some unforeseen problems during deployment that included unavailability of power supply (battery operated devices will not last for a 10 hour campaign). To our surprise it was not a single deployment but 5-6 different installations a day including few in slums, streets and not-so-common places in Mumbai.

But that did not dither our passion for delivery nor our technology and its robustness. Both our team and technology was ready for this challenges and pictures below will talk about this.

But that’s ok were the people ready for this? Were they turning on Bluetooth to engage with the brand on mobile? Check out these pictures.

Amazing number of people in the vicinity (more than 400 or 80% +) took no time to engage with the activity through our media (BluFi) and participated in the activation through their mobile to get a chance to dance and sip a free drink. While the results of the campaign would be shared once the activity is completed, we just wanted to share this information to explain following facts:

  1. Challenges of technology and execution and how a great team and technology can live up to those challenges
  2. Proof of how campaigns that connect to consumers can create wonders for the brand
  3. And lastly, why we always believe that SEC “C” and rural India is lot more aware and ready for what we do as a company
Good day,
Team TELiBrahma

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The rural and SEC "C" in most developing nations are huge and more livelier to take on challenges and offers such as these... The other SEC groups are more reluctant and cautious.

Question is: "do passer by and participants on the above photos had their bluetooth switched on all the time or because you encourage them to in return for freebies?"

Manoj said...

Hi, Few users will have their Bluetooth always switched on. But most of the users will keep in invisible mode. So we educate users about the activation and encourage them to switch on their mobile Bluetooth to get exclusive engagement. We also educate them to accept messages only from BluFi (our proprietary product) , to make sure they are interacting with a trusted source.

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