Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brand TVC released through mobile before the mainstream media!

Saarang is an extremely popular college festival of IIT Chennai. The festival is the biggest in the south India and draws a lot of youngsters not only from Chennai but also from other parts of the country.

The young crowd was the perfect audience for Cadbury 5Star to engage with and to provide great brand experience. We have partnered with Cadbury to enable the brand experience in a never-before-manner through BluFi. After the great success for BluFi engagement at IIT Mumbai’s Mood Indigo, Cadbury 5star wanted to take the engagement and excitement at ‘Saarang’ to the next level.

As part of the innovation, we have taken the brand TVC directly on to the palms of the consumers through mobile, even before releasing it in mainstream media! This was a great achievement for an innovative platform like BluFi which holds world of innovation possibilities for brands! This initiative also proves the fact that confidence over BluFi as a truly innovative medium is ever increasing among marketers.

We provided an exciting platform for consumers to engage with Cadbury 5Star with ideas like real-time clues to find a LOST person, invitation to users to capture their LOST moments with 5star and upload the same to BluFi etc. We have got tremendous response from the visitors and great acceptance for BluFi.

Check out more photos generated by users in official 5Star Facebook page.

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