Thursday, June 18, 2009

Case study: Mobile engagement solutions for Kingfisher, India.

Client: UB Group, Kingfisher

Campaign Objective:

• To create brand connect with the target audience during the Indian Premier League 2009

• To communicate the message that Kingfisher is a Goodtimes partner of 5 teams

• Target age group: 18 to 30 years

The Campaign:

• The campaign was carried out in two phases. First there was a photo upload contest and then a Kingfisher contest

• As Kingfisher was part of 5 teams as their GOODTIMES partner, we asked users to upload their Goodtimes photo from their mobile

• In the second phase we carried out a Kingfisher contest wherein people received a contest form with questions regarding their local team and Kingfisher. E.g. ‘Who is the goodtimes partner of Mumbai Indians?’

• At the end of the activity, lucky winners were selected and presented with Kingfisher team merchandise


• Kingfisher is associated with Beer and hence we could not promote the brand directly

• To break the myth that users won’t be receptive to mobile engagement ideas like photo upload, contests over mobile were initiated


• More than 2 lakh downloads in 5 cities

• Around 814 photos were uploaded and 1036 responses on the contest within a fortnight.

Campaign Success

• The campaign saw the viral element at its best as there was more call to actions and the target audience has once again reiterated the fact that members responding to brand advertisements are high when it comes to mobile advertising.

For the detailed case study, please Click HERE

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