Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome to the world of possibilities - Bluetooth 3.0.

Bluetooth SIG Adds Speed, Bandwidth via 802.11 with Version 3.0 of the Global Wireless Standard

From its annual All Hands Meeting in Tokyo last week, the Bluetooth SIG formally adopted Bluetooth Core Specification Version 3.0 High Speed (HS), or Bluetooth 3.0. This latest iteration of the popular short-range wireless technology fulfills the consumers’ need for speed while providing the same wireless Bluetooth experience – faster. The biggest improvement for the new standard is speed, which jumps from a top transfer rate of 3 Mbps found in the current Bluetooth standard to 24 Mbps in 3.0, according to the Bluetooth SIG.

So what exactly is Bluetooth 3.0?

Bluetooth 3.0 is the new version of the Bluetooth standard and reportedly is 160 times faster than the earlier version Bluetooth 2.1 with file transfer rates at 480 Megabit per second in close proximity and 100 megabits per second at 10 meters.

The drastical improvement in the throughput is achieved by using 802.11 technology, not technically Wi-Fi but reportedly the advancement in the standard allows the Bluetooth wireless frequency to piggyback on the Wi-Fi, allowing Bluetooth over Wi-Fi.

This is actually implemented by using two compatible Bluetooth modules that coordinate a switch to 802.11 to move bulk files and once the file transfer is complete, the device coordinate a switch back to the slower and backwards compatible 3 Mbps rate.

What are we going to see?

The blazing fast data speed of the improved standard can be used for a slew of applications including Video streaming from camcorders to TV sets and Computers, Computers and TV’s to Mobile phones, Wireless streaming of presentation from laptops to projectors and many more.

Apart from the streaming between consumer devices Mobile social networking and Bluetooth based mobile advertising is going to shape up to the next level. With throughputs comparable to Wi-Fi these business can do some really awesome stuff with Bluetooth 3.0.


With the availability of Bluetooth version 3.0 HS, consumers can expect to move large data files of videos, music and photos between their own devices and the trusted devices of others, without the need for cables and wires.

Some applications consumers will experience include:

  1. Now we can transfer an entire music album or an entire DVD from your PC to your phone in seconds via Bluetooth
  2. Bulk downloads photos to a printer or PC
  3. Send heavy video files from camera or phone to computer or television in seconds
  4. A virtual music store can be crated over a Bluetooth network and consumers can purchase music albums in seconds!
  5. With greater speed and reach, a real-time game in a digital screen between the users spread across different geographies over a Bluetooth network is highly possible! (A user in a Mall in Bangalore can play real-time game with a user in a mall in Mumbai, which is live on a digital screen!)

TELiBrahma convergent communications, a leading mobile solutions player, based out of Bangalore, India with more than 1000+ Bluetooth zones with our proprietary technology BluFi, will adapt Bluetooth 3.0 in near future! We will keep you posted!

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