Monday, June 22, 2009

Now, products can talk to the consumers!

When Kropex, dealers for General Motors in Bangalore, India decided to try out Bluetooth based marketing for the LPG variant of Chevrolet Spark they didn’t expect 10500+ downloads in just 2 days activity in a shopping mall!

Kropex partnered with Telibrahma Convergent communications, India’s leading mobile solutions company based out of Bangalore.

TELiBrahma possesses BluFi, its proprietary product, where marketers can engage with users over mobile with TELiBrahma’s 1000+ BluFi zones like Mc Donalds, Barista, CafĂ© Coffeeday, Shopping malls, Commercial streets etc...

Chevrolet Spark was one of the early adopters of “PRODCASTER”, an innovation from TELiBrahma Convergent Communications where a product can communicate to its consumers directly!

“This demonstrates how TELiBrahma can enhance the effectiveness of traditional marketing campaigns. Display and mall activation are a proven property and our media ensures higher level of engagement, excitements, measurements and more importantly, results” explains, Suresh Narasimha, CEO of TELiBrahma Convergent Communications.

In the campaign what turned to be a buzz builder among the weekend crowd in the famous FORUM mall in Bangalore, existing BluFi infrastructure in the mall was converted in to a “Chevy Zone”. Cars which were exhibited in the mall were enabled with the Bluetooth transmitters.

Users in the mall could download wallpapers, car details, specifications in animated format, details of the dealer etc! Users in other parts of the mall received a communication about the car prompting them to check out the car in the exhibition area.

There was a great excitement about the activity since users never experienced some thing like this before and they started to spread the word among their peer groups. There were around 10500 downloads for the content against the average 1000-2000 downloads in the same location on a normal weekend.

Despite the negative media publicity for General Motors in recent times, users showed interest towards the promotion and have enquired for more details about Chevy Spark from the representatives in “Chevy Stall”, and expressed their trust with the Indian arm of General Motors!

For detailed case study of the campaign,  Click here. 

Find more information about TELiBrahma  Here.

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