Monday, June 29, 2009

TELiBrahma’s tribute to the “King of pop”.

“Michael Jackson is no more with us”. The news that made millions of fans across the globe spend their night sleepless! 

We at Telibrahma also share the same grief as the rest of his fans. After all he was an Icon who proved that talent knew no boundaries and innovation is what matters to make a difference!

Most of our employees are huge fans of MJ and we decided to pay a tribute to the king of pop, and more importantly, tribute to a real hero who inspired millions of kids to dream big!

Within 30 mins of the news in 26th June, we decided to provide fans memories of MJ that can reside on their mobile phone!

 We have worked on an animated content that provided the achievements of MJ, and took fans back to golden days of POP! This is completely a NON-COMMERCIAL activity from Telibrahma, where we just wanted to pass the memories of one of the best music personality of the century!

We have delivered the content in all our BluFi zones (Bluetooth enabled locations) across India like McDonalds, Barista, shopping malls, youth hangouts, restaurants, corporate locations etc...

The challenge was that there were no communication to the users about the content due to virtually zero turn around time! But we believed in the oldest form of communication to spread the word out – “Word of mouth”! 

We did this as a gesture of goodwill for his fans and to pay homage to a real hero. But what turned out was a result we didn’t even imagine! We have connected to over 40,000 unique fans in just two and a half days! Total number of Virals involved among peers was not accounted!

We believed that if the content is good, relevant and makes sense, users will spread the word out. And we have seen that many users were sending sms to their friends about the activity! And they have asked their friends to turn on their mobile bluetooth to receive special MJ content!

This activity proved the basics of mobile marketing: “Provide content that’s relevant and do that in an interesting way!” And more than that we have to ACT not REACT to achieve results in mobile marketing!

And our employees at TELiBrahma made it a “MJ-ONLY-DAY”! Who ever listening to music were playing ONLY Michael Jackson songs for the entire day!

Thank you MJ, for entertaining, inspiring and at last taught us few things!

Good day,

Team TELiBrahma.

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Ashwathy said...

he was the icon before the dawn of that kind of technology... so the hype will always be different around him rather for new-age celebrities!

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