Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MINT: TELiBrahma is one of the promising Indian startup!

Following is the news article about TELiBrahma by one of the leading business media brand in India "MINT"

Picks from India’s start-up landscape

TELiBrahma Convergent Communications Pvt Ltd

What does it do: TELiBrahma is a mobile solutions provider which offers Bluetooth-enabled advertising solutions for cellphones (Bluetooth, a short-distance wireless technology, allows data connectivity between devices).

Investors: Inventus Capital, Ojas Venture Partners
Likely exit: M&A or IPO

Why it is hot: Advertisers need or prefer ad mediums/networks that enable or provide qualified reach, accountability of the spending in terms of measurability, rich media applications, cost-effective advertising and promotion at the point of sale or location. While existing mobile-based ad solutions aim to address the above needs of advertisers, they are dependent on service providers, and require either phones with GPS (global positioning system) or triangulation-based cellular techniques to reach customers thereby limiting scope. TELiBrahma with its nationwide network of Bluetooth enabled zones is positioned to take advantage of the emerging digital advertising landscape. “As ad spends increasingly move towards digital media/BTL with clear emphasis on measurability and relevance, we expect that TELiBrahma’s offering will do exceedingly well,” says Rajesh Srivathsa, managing partner, Ojas Venture Partners. BTL is short for below the line advertising that does not rely on traditional channels such as television, print or radio.

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