Thursday, July 2, 2009

Easy to get in.But no way to opt out! Is this mobile marketing?


Whether you like or not, every day we all get SMS Advertisements.

And of course, we do not have much control over this menace, except a blanket blocking.

Now, in India, a company has come up with a revenue sharing model. They share their advertisement revenue with us!

If you register your mobile number with them, you will get money for each SMS you receive.

Please do not forget to refer your friends too, once you are enrolled.

It will enhance your earnings via referral bonuses.

To know more log on to --------------------------------------”

This Friday morning I received the above e-mail. Funny part in the mail is that the advertisers clearly accept that they would be sending us messages whether we are for or against receiving these SMS’s. They are bribing us to receive their messages. I expect these mobile marketing firms to be a little more sensitive. This just shows that they have lost all sense of morality and just somehow want to push in their messages.

What probably they arguments are based on is that paying to consumers would be cheaper and better than investing in R&D, creative guys and working hours with agencies to come up with a good and effective ad campaign that best suits the brand etc.

They had sent this particular mail to me on my official email id which goes on to prove that they have not got their targeting right in the first place. I am sure that many of us with rather prefer to pay for not receiving spam on our mobiles and rather receive some useful stuff.

One could be interested on some mobile marketing promotions for maybe a day only. But once we opt for a promotion, things become difficult. When we wish to opt out of these SMS alerts no one knows how to stop these alerts. There is no clarity in their websites as well. Even if we found a way to opt out, we need to remember the shortcode and reply them to stop sending messages for which we need to pay a premium for the SMS!
What we need is a platform where we can choose what we want and come out of it with minimal effort. Something like we receive messages when we like by simply turning our bluetooth on and can keep them away by turning it off.

Isn't mobile marketing something that cheers up the customers rather than pushing messages on us?
Are advertisiers listening?
by Dharitri das.


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