Friday, July 3, 2009

A one of its kind mobile campaign to generate walk-ins to specific retail outlets!

“Sangeetha mobiles” is a leading mobile phone retailer based out of Bangalore, India. They partnered with TELiBrahma to increase walk-ins to their outlets in Bangalore during their annual sale. 

The objective was to communicate multiple offers in the promotion to the right customers and to overcome the disbelief in promotions in a competitive market. 

The campaign strategy is to target right customers at the right time and deliver relevant content to them, which is possible only with BluFi. And to make the communication relevant to their present location.

We segmented customers based on their phones as lower end, mid segment and high end handsets and we delivered relevant communication to them by delivering offers that matched their mobile profile.

“For mid segment handsets we delivered offers on Memory cards to upgrade their mobile memory!”

During the campaign our existing BluFi network in shopping malls, youth hangouts, restaurants, commercial streets etc were used for the promotions. The retailer has multiple outlets in Bangalore and in the BluFi locations near the outlet we delivered the promotional message to customers and prompted them to walk-in to the outlet by providing the address of the nearest outlet.

“Users in Bangalore Forum mall received a relevant offer along with a message to walk-in to the ‘Sangeetha’ outlet at 2nd floor for more offers and surprises.”

Needless to say, this thoughtful campaign enticed users and made them believe that this offer is like exclusively designed for them! Following are some of the statistics that proves BluFi is an effective medium for brand communications!

50000+ users were engaged to the promotions through 20+ hangout locations around Bangalore!

Footfalls of users with Bluetooth turned on in different retail locations increased from 20% to 150% during the campaign

Over 4000 users visited the store after they received offer details via BluFi!

Staggering 45% increase in footfall with Bluetooth turned on across the locations!
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