Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Realtime survey using Mobile.BluFi @ Instoreasia09.

TELiBrahma was part of recently concluded “Instoreasia 09” as its mobile partner. During the event that happened for 3 days in BIEC, Bangalore, the entire location was converted in to a BluFi zone (Bluetooth zone), and visitors were educated about the campaign and were requested to turn their mobile bluetooth to experience the event on their mobile.

An exclusive mobile application from Instoreasia 09, where users can learn about the event, details of companies participating and their stalls, detailed scheduled, profile of speakers and a feedback form about the event.

We have also included a survey form in the application. Since mobile is easier to provide feedback and users have complete freedom to participate or avoid and more importantly we wanted to check the effectiveness of the mobile as a tool for getting user responses.

This is a first of its kind interactive survey conducted among the customers in real-time environment. Results of the survey were thought provoking and are listed below:

Total number of unique downloads for a 3 day B2B event was 1269.

BluFi observed a repeat foot fall of 50%-60% between day 1 and day 2, 40% between day2 and day 3, 30% on all the 3 days.

BluFi also observed a very high dwelve time of 3-4 hours on an average. 

Survey gave us some interesting stories!

More than 80% of the retailers are not satisfied with their ability to

  a. Communicate offers @ the store level

  b. Getting feedback from the consumers on instore experience

Situation was slightly better when it came to ability of users to find the products or ability of store managers to help consumers understand. In these 2 cases only 40% of them were totally unhappy and another 20% felt there is a need for improvement

Survey also included a question on challenges of using couponing

Response spread was lot more uniform when it came to couponing.

Feedback was divided between logistics, Ease of use by users, Cost of managing and analytics.

Good day,

Team Telibrahma.

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