Sunday, August 9, 2009

BluFi powered Lords cricket ground during Ashes 09

The Ashes is a Test cricket series played between England and Australia. It is one of international cricket's most celebrated rivalries and dates back to 1882. 

As part of our international campaign, we deployed BluFi technology in the famous Lords cricket ground which is considered to be the place where cricket was born! To remind the fact that, TELiBrahma is the only company in the world to convert an entire cricket stadium on to a BluFi zone and to provide LIVE match updates in real time for users in the ground!

During the exciting test match at lords during 16th July 09 to 21st July 09, users in the stadium were kept engaged and provided a better match experience and additional information about Ashes, their favorite stars etc on their mobile when they were watching the match! 

During specific intervals, users were informed about the activity and were delivered exclusive Ashes content like News about both teams, facts about lords, Stats of the day, trivia, contest, mCoupons etc and the fans responded to the activity in a great way! 

The response for the activity is very encouraging and the great acceptance from the fans has proved us that they are open to innovation that helps them in providing relevant and quality content and also the opportunities for brands to create a great recall and awareness among the fans!

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Rohit said...

any numbers you got to share on this one? Anything similar executed in India?

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