Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TELiBrahma is looking out for Innovation leaders.

We are one of the leading mobile solutions companies in India, with great track record of innovative products, patented technologies, portfolio of innovative brand campaigns across the world etc. We’ve been awarded as one of the top 100 innovative startups in the world by Red Herring, and have been awarded Technology fast 50 in Asia by Deloitte and declared as one of the top Innovator in India by Nasscom. We are a bunch of wireless professionals with one common attribute: Passion towards Mobile solutions and strong belief in what we do.

And We are hiring!

When you step inside our office, you can’t find a software developer, tester, HR Admin, Sales team, marketing team, designer etc, all you can find is talented and energetic individuals who have a great passion in what they do and a high energy team atmosphere!

If you believe mobile solutions is the key to the brand communication and it will grow as a great medium for engagement and wanted to make your mark in this vibrant industry, read further and find whether we are lucky enough to accommodate you!

BTW, if you have exposure to any of social media tools like Twitter, Linkedin, Slideshare, blog, etc, it will help you to jump the queue. So please mention the IDs, blog URLs when you apply for the opening.

If you know any of your friends / relatives / colleagues whom you think an ideal person for the openings, go on and refer them. When they get selected you WILL win a Blackberry mobile, Samsung Star, Nokia Xpress music mobile phone and a cool MP3 player! There are no conditions added to this message.

1) VP/ President/CSO (1 opening), Bangalore.

Person should be above 35 years of age and preferably based in Bangalore. This is a senior management position with high visibility to investors and media. Person has to appreciate the value of being a stakeholder in a successful venture. KNOW MORE.

2) Regional head - Delhi, Mumbai (1 openings per location)

He/she should be above 25 years of age, a self starter, quick learner, dynamic and aggressive person who is passionate about selling concepts and new technologies. KNOW MORE

3) Content writer – Bangalore (1 opening):

This person will be responsible for defining and developing content across multiple platforms with direct accountability for copywriting, copyediting and proofreading website content and online marketing content like social media, micro-sites, landing pages, email templates, blogs to maximize our marketing opportunities. KNOW MORE

Interested candidates please mail your CVs to and don’t forget to mention the following (all are optional):

Twitter id, Linked-in id, Facebook id, Slideshare-id, Blog URL, Referrer name and details.

Note: Also mention the Name and contact details of your referrer, if any.

Good day,

Team TELiBrahma.

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