Thursday, November 26, 2009

5 points to remember for a successful AR campaign.

Right Creative renderings:

The real excitement of augmented reality is in the creative aspect of the campaign. The brilliant creative in AR will create great impact for the campaign since the users are already excited with the augmented reality, and interesting creative will result in the great word of mouth for the campaign. For E.g. Users can see the route map of the nearest dealer for test drive outlet when they point their mobile camera to a hoarding with creative of newly launched car!

Right call for actions:

Even the great creative AR campaign can be easily un-noticed if there is no strong call to action! Users are new to AR and hence it takes a great call to action message to get them engaged with the brand through AR. By providing a great reason for users to interact with the campaign, engagement level with the brand will be great in augmented reality.

Educating consumers:

The success of the augmented reality campaign is also based on the clear instructions and communication about the campaign. With a great buzz for the campaign and clear instruction on how to use the AR can trigger great response and engagement with the brand. Different communication methods like announcements, promoters, digital displays, online, ambient media, social media, mainline promos etc can be used to inform and educate the consumers towards an AR campaign.

Availability on all platforms:

Success of an AR campaign depends on total number of users participating in the campaign. The application need to be made available to different mobile models, various mobile segment etc to make sure there is no disappointment for the users who shows interest towards an AR campaign. When users find that the application doesn’t work on their mobile then it will lead to a negative word of mouth for the campaign.


The distribution of the application plays a major role in determining the impact and success of the AR campaign. There has to be many distribution channels for the application for greater reach rather than single window delivery. BluFi can be a great medium to deliver the app to millions of users across India. BluFi can deliver the application to users by detecting different mobile models via bluetooth which is a easy option for the end consumers. Users should also be provided with other options to download the application through SMS / WAP or the website of the brand.

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