Monday, November 30, 2009

Benefits of augmented reality.

User excitement: Augmented reality provides greater excitement to the end users. When users looks at a press ad, a billboard Or a t-shirt etc comes to life on their mobile, it creates excitement and results in great brand recall and word of mouth for the activity. When it’s becoming harder to provide a brand experience to consumers, Augmented reality takes the brand experience to the next level by providing great experience on the palms of the consumers.

Integration with static branding: The most exciting feature of augmented reality is its ability to transform a static brand messages like Print ads, hoardings, posters, banners etc to an interactive one! When a press ad is included with AR the ad can actually TALK to the consumers! Imagine a press ad of the newly launched product talks about the benefits of the product or plays the TVC or provides an option to request for a demo! It will provide a complete new experience to the users by eliminating the clutter and by providing rich and engaging brand experience!

Permission based advertising: Augmented reality is a complete permission based model. It make sure that only loyal and potential consumers are interacting with the brand and thus ensuring the media spillover to a greater extent and register a great brand experience to the potential and serious users of the brand.

Measurement on the media spend: AR helps brands to measure the impact of the communication in a more effective way. It is also possible to measure the total number of engagement, responses, repetitive usages, user participation, downloads from the application, viral effect, participation in survey/feedback etc.

Ensuring Consumers get the message: Augmented reality can deliver great impulse for users to look for targeted communication. Following are few examples on how AR can add value to consumers thus result in great engagement.

  • Imagine user pointing his/her mobile at their credit card through mobile AR browser every time they shop to register their usage. This gives a great opportunity to deliver deals available for the users
  • Users can easily get the list of deals available to them simply by pointing their mobile to the logo of your retail shop
  • By pointing his AR browser @ a mall, a users can easily find out where he can find a pub that serves his favourite beer! Our solution is able to deliver liquor advertising only after users confirm that they are >21 years of age!

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