Thursday, November 12, 2009

BluFi for great reach and impact.

We at Telibrahma are always on the look out for opportunities to provide more value to our clients by maximizing the reach and impact. Recently, we’ve increased our BluFi footprint with Spencer’s retail and Aditya Birla group’s “More” two of the leading modern retail outlets in India. This provides great opportunity for marketers to target home makers and housewives who are influential decision makers!

Network analytics from BluFi:

- Access to both male and female consumers in 18+ cities across India with Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore forming the bulk of traffic

- Marketers can reach 72% of the consumers closer to POS and 60% of the consumers with corporate profile who are hard to reach with other mediums

- BluFi helps marketers to reach 87% of the youth audience on their favourite gadget “mobile”

- Survey indicates that >70% of the youth have direct influence on what products their parents purchase and >60% influence on what their friends purchase

- Marketers can target consumer based on the mobile phone they carry! For e.g. luxury brands can target users with hi-end models thus engaging with the right target audience

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