Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Consumer acceptance for BluFi.

BluFi is any marketer’s dream, where they can use existing 600+ BluFi locations across India like shopping malls, hangouts, restaurants, corporate locations or deploy BluFi in their existing BTL activations, OOH properties like hoardings, bus shelters etc.

We are very much focused in providing great engagement opportunities to users by understanding their usage patterns and behaviour. Based on our analysis and previous campaigns, we’ve identified interesting insights on the user behaviour and the factors that influencing user acceptance towards BluFi.

BluFi consumer acceptance stack

We are witnessing great acceptance from the consumers for BluFi across locations. Consumers are eagerly engaging with BluFi when they have been educated about the campaign. There is also a great increase of the repeat users in our permanent BluFi locations across India which proves the fact that consumers are on the lookout for best deals and information (Ref. above pic).

From our survey and past campaigns, we have found that following are the great reasons for users to engage with BluFi:

  • Free mobile downloads (35%)
  • Free offers/news (20%)
  • I like the brand (22%)
  • I like the campaign (12%)
  • My Bluetooth is always on (5)
  • Excitement (rest)

BluFi Acceptance pattern

Different set of customers are accepting BluFi to engage with interesting campaigns. As the above picture indicates, BluFi is also a great medium to reach SEC A and SEC A+ users who are very hard to reach and establish an engaging brand experience and also at various touch points like kiosks,mobile vans, airports, shopping malls, youth hangouts, events etc!

Increase in Bluetooth acceptance with activations

As per our data almost 73% of users are looking forward to get more information about the products to be launched. And from our experience we have witnessed great user acceptance for brand messages. The number of users who accept brand messages increases when there is a great buzz happening with the activations in the location.

We've also found that following activations provides great triggers for users to engage with brands in BluFi zones:

  • Consistent and persistent education through banners/posters/standees etc
  • Campaign specific activations
  • Announcements
  • Promoters
  • Word of mouth/Viral
  • Education via digital screens

BluFi provides great advantages for brands to establish great engagement with consumers when they are in mood for engaging with the brand.

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