Thursday, November 19, 2009

6 reasons why marketers will love BluFi.

BluFi is consumer friendly: Consumers love when they get branded content for FREE! As most consumers feel that present data plans are expensive and slow on speed, BluFi on the other hand costs them Zero and it’s faster than the 3G! BluFi is completely permission based and users can easily opt of the engagement just by turning of their mobile bluetooth hence provide the control to the user!
BluFi for great reach: What ever the sine of media plan is, BluFi can help marketers to reach the mobile consumers at various locations like shopping malls, restaurants, hangouts, corporate locations, cricket stadiums etc across India. Marketers can reach the “hard to reach consumers who are on mobile” via BluFi more effectively than other medium.
Target the right consumer: Blufi makes it possible to target users based on the mobile phone model they carry with. So when a luxury brand wants to engage with the TG, BluFi helps to target all hi-end mobile phones in BluFi locations and deliver the brand message.
Customized messages: Using BluFi, brands can deliver different messages to different users based on the mobile models, duration of the day, location of the user, based on the previous interactions with the users etc. This helps brand to stand out from the clutter and to provide great engaging content for users. BluFi also identifies different mobile models and will deliver the right content for users which is compatible to their mobile phone.
Rich media on mobile: Using BluFi we can deliver rich media content to users’ mobile in lesser time than any other mediums! Rich brand content like TVC, wallpapers, screensaver, mobile games, mobile applications, flash files, mobile coupons, mobile brochures etc can be delivered to users.
Measurement: Measurement of the campaign in BluFi is advanced than many existing mediums available. Measurement can be made based on the location, time duration, consumer segment based on the mobile phone models, viral element etc. Advanced measurement like these helps marketers to read the impact of the campaign, get feedback from the consumers and to customize the message if required.
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